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Fully automatic packing machine

Date:2016-04-14    【Size:Big Middle Small
The packing line including: 
1. Fully automatic bag machine 2. Various kinds of powder and granule packing machine 3. Various kinds of sealing system 4. Bag-backward machine 5. Pushing bag machine 6. Combining and buffer conveyor (option) 7. Bending conveyor (option) 8.Climbing conveyor 9. Metal detection machine (option)10. Weight detection machine (option) 11. Picking and removed machine (option) 12. Vibrating conveyor 13. Press bag conveyor 14. Emergency stop conveyor (option) 15. Prepare stacking conveyor 16. Robot palletizing 17. Robot hand 18. Robot base 19. Pallet storage 20. out storage conveyor 21. pallet conveyor in stacker area 22. Wrap film machine (option) 23. Conveyor for forklift  24. Control system 25. Installation assistance material

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